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Escaping Reality

Two months with artwork choice of extraordinary Ondrej Rudavský is what Danubiana Gallery in Bratislava promises for March and April

The gallery will present an exclusive profile of his entire work from the late 1970s up to the present: animated video installations on HDTV monitors, sculptures, jewelry, small objects, and various sketches. These will be complemented by large-scale archive prints which he creates with acrylic, pen, collages, sometimes reliefs and movable plastic elements.

Rudavský captures various forms of dreams, fantasies and the mysterious game of the contemporary world. They contain metamorphoses of his endless imagination as well as permanent dialogues between art and society and are transformed into suggestive colourful expression, metaphorical language and an imaginative interplay of symbols and signs.

Daring tones of colors applied in an impressive creative painting style and film elements overlap with dynamic line. His ideas and dreams are enchanted in mystical compositions, three-dimensional objects and motion sequels.