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o you want to get familiar with the Slovak traditional dances and culture? Every month there is a House of Traditional Dances organized by the Draguni NGO – a dance party in the centre of Bratislava where you have a chance to learn how to dance to the classic folk music or music of various minority groups. The idea of these events is that there are no performers and spectators, there is just dancing and fun!


Rich cultural resources, unique geographic location preserving various shades of temperament, natural communicativeness of music, dance and interactions with the public are the fundamental pillars on which the project Tanečný dom / House of Traditional Dances was built. It has been organised in Slovakia (different cities) regularly since 2002. The art project applicable in any region of the world makes space for active entertainment – direct enjoyment and development of traditional music-dance art in its entire spectrum.

A flexible and well-working concept based on knowing the history and traditions, and respecting it, has the ambition to enable all participants to experience first-hand – and help create – a splendid atmosphere of live music, making it a good prospect for applying the project in local, national, international and inter-genre context.

This Dance House has two parts. In the first part, the instructors use video projection of authentic records, focusing on teaching one or two folk dances. In the second part, participants try what they have learned in the first part in a form of free entertainment.

Want to explore the magic of folk songs? Attend the next session organized by the House of Traditional Dances – check their upcoming events page for details on the dates and times :)

More information

HOUSE OF TRADITIONAL DANCES – 16th of February 2017    at 8.00 pm

čardáš from village Štrba  (region Liptov)

krucena and čardáš from village Šarišské Jastrabie (region Šariš)

Under the leadership of: František Morong, Barbora Morongová

Štefan Štec, Ivana Topoľovská

Music: Radoslav Kertis band (Borievka from Košice)

Guest: vocal group Rusínske trio

tel.: +421908 770 410, mail to:

Next House of Traditional Dances takes place on the 16th of  March 2017, kc DUNAJ



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