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Long Night of Museums in the Slovak National Museum

As always, the celebration of museums will be honoured in that national one as it should be

The Long Night of Museums is an annual festival of museums and shows what otherwise remains hidden. The eight museums of the Slovak National Museum will therefore open their gates to all curious and enthusiasts on Saturday, 14 May. Playing through the SNM museums in Bratislava will also reveal its secrets.

Museums of the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava have prepared an unconventional game for you. Museologists have hidden one letter in each of these museums in Bratislava. If you find it and put it together in secret, you can get valuable prizes from the museum workshop. Several museums of the Slovak National Museum participate in the game: Natural History Museum, Museum of History, Archaeological Museum, Music Museum, Museum of Hungarian Culture in Slovakia, Museum of Carpathian Germans Culture, Museum of Jewish Culture as well as Museum of Croatian Culture in Slovakia.

In the premises of the Archaeological Museum you can look forward to a creative program for families with children, performances of swordsmen, interesting lectures or new exhibitions. Creative workshops for families with children in the courtyard on the theme of the Etruscans in the museum, the exchange of archaeological literature will start from 9 a.m., later there will be an open metal studio with demonstrations of the work of the restorer and you will be able to view and buy copies of famous archaeological finds from Slovakia in the form of jewellery and commemorative items. Robo Môc will also be lecturing on “The European Sword of History and Production Technology”, Igor Bazovský on “What was paid in the old Rome?” and Marina Zubajová will reveal “How to secure favor and protection of the gods: temples and sacrificial gifts at the Etruscans”. The program will be varied during the performance of the fencing group Svjatogor in the courtyard of the museum.

At 2:30 p.m., the Museum of Carpathian Germans Culture prepared a commented tour of the exhibition “A look into the past and the future” on the ground floor of the building. You will be accompanied by Aleš Šilberský. The screening of films about the life of the Carpathian Germans will begin one floor higher than 4 p.m. In the Museum of Hungarian Culture in Slovakia, in addition to exhibitions, you will be able to see a virtual gallery of the exhibition in the Kálmán Mikszáth Memorial House, go to the professional literature exchange or watch a documentary film Márai-Madách.

In the Museum of Jewish Culture you will be able to see an exhibition of photographs by Magdalena Robinson and a short documentary about her life, take part in lectured tours of the exhibition, talk about the former kosher restaurant Chez David, a lecture about Jewish artists in the SNM and also a curatorial exposition to the exhibition Kosher – known vs. unknown. Individual and special commented tours of the exhibition Vukovar and permanent exhibitions will be offered by the Museum of Croatian Culture in Slovakia, which will also hold a discussion on its current exhibition. The Music Museum will perform a guitar concert at 6 p.m.

In addition to a variety of presentations, the Natural History Museum awaits you with natural science lectures in the Discovery Room on the 3rd floor. You will learn about the dragon tamer and guardian of Bratislava, ancient Egyptian jewels, famous and unknown precious stones, observation of the universe with a large infrared eye, prehistoric traces of life and the megabiodiversity of Ecuador.

The Museum of History at the Bratislava Castle offers commented guided tours of the museum curators after the N89 exhibitions – the way to freedom, the Celts from Bratislava, Martin Benka, The Human Face – Freedom or Death, as well as the Romans and Slovakia. Especially for children are prepared interactive tours about wandering through the history of the Middle Ages and prehistoric times. Interesting will also be the thematic tour of the Bratislava Castle called Women at the Bratislava Castle.