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“Party” headbands in the 21st Century

Limited edition of paintings on the nearly extinct Slovak headbands “parta”

At the exhibition, you will see traditional Slovak “party” processed in 54 art works, as well as festive folk clothes, supplemented with original headbands and wreaths. After 60 world exhibitions such as EXPO Dubai or a three-year Chinese tour, the art project will be in Bratislava again!

In addition to the photos, you can experience free headband making, painting, and folk dances. Come and see a unique exhibition of art, symbolism and heritage, the likes of which you have never had the chance to see before, and experience folk art.


It was a type of a fancy headband, and the symbol of adult, unmarried women in Slovak culture. Brides used to wear them at wedding ceremonies; it played a major role in in festive and ceremonial hair styling. The parta has always been richly decorated by beads, laces and ribbons, and differs in style across each region of Slovakia. It varies in shape, size, materials used, ribbons, and accessories.

It used to be a traditional component of Slovak folk costumes for young, childless women from the 17th till 20th century. Now, it has become a central element of a unique art project that aims to regenerate Slovak treasures that are slowly being forgotten.


The aim of the project is to use modern art to represent and connect the culture and history of Slovaks and to bring it closer to the current generation in an attractive form. The original images combine ethnology, photography, facepainting and painting in a unique way. During 7 years, the authors created 54 original paintings and at the same time “resurrected” and documented 54 headbands from all regions of Slovakia.


01/03 – 29/03/2023 – Party in the 21st Century EXHIBITION in Central Bratislava (shopping mall)

03/02/2023 – 5:00 p.m. – OPENING in the art gallery on the ground floor

07/03 and 28/03/2023 – 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. – GUIDED TOURS


All courses are designed for beginners and are completely FREE, however it is necessary that you reserve your place, as the capacity of the courses is limited.


  • The course lasts from 17:00 – 20:00.
  • You will learn the process of production of decorative elements for a “parta“ and a wreath.
  • You will receive all the necessary tools for working on the course.
  • The maximum capacity of the course is 15 participants.
  • The lecturers will be Bc. Romana Mačicová and Mgr. Katarína Sabová


  • The course lasts from 17:00 to 20:00
  • In the course, you will learn the basics of painting folk ornaments into printed photos.
  • You will be able to paint your favorite picture based on a template from the Party in the 21st Century picture series, and coloring books will be prepared for the little ones.
  • The capacity of the course is limited to 20 participants.
  • The lecturer will be Ivana Mintálová


  • The course lasts from 17:00 – 20:00.
  • In the course, you will learn the procedures of painting ribbons, and see a demonstration and a selection from various folk patterns in Slovakia.
  • The maximum capacity of the course is 10 participants.
  • The lecturer will be Katarína Bednarčíková.

29/03/2023 (Wednesday) FUNDAMENTALS OF FOLK DANCE

  • The course lasts from 17:00 – 18:00.
  • In the course, you will learn the basics of folk dance focused on the wedding theme (ceremonial – magical dances, wedding dances associated with shooting the party and taping, dance posture and movement – two-step, spinning, basic step schemes).
  • The maximum capacity of the course is 20 or more participants.
  • The lecturer will be a dance couple by Lack Cmorej.