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Welcome to Dizzeyland! Have fun, relax and forget all the worlds pressing problems

In this space you can find (in)appropriate aid for such needs, please enjoy, but use at your own risk or gain (pleasure).

The title Dizzeyland stands for an ambiguous place of anxieties and relaxation methods we go to when on a quest for fun, carefreeness, enjoyment, positivity etc. This quest is a distraction method which hopefully can lead us to denial and full on escapism, induced numbness and a Lala attitude in the mids of the world falling apart.


The artist doesn’t take any responsibility (moral or legal) for potential outcomes, physical, emotional, spiritual or any other kind. The artist welcomes you and wishes you all the bestestsetseset&”#&(97#&%$)(?=?) Because:


Fun! Relaxation, joy, Happinesss!!! Beauty, Positivity! Safeness, 0-Anxiety !!!

Everlasting (within gallery open hours actually)

Always in your heart, brain and gut (within a designated physical space actually, Medium gallery this time)

Safety measures:
Advised not enforced

Target group:
groups and individuals, humans and non humans looking to escape from daily issues, have fun, relax and enjoy.

Age limit:
Not specified, at their own risk or gain (pleasure)

Physical limitations:
Not specified, at their own risk or gain (pleasure)

Exposure limit:
Not specified, at their own risk or gain (pleasure)