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Dobrý trh (Good Market)

In addition to stalls with high-quality food, original design, books, accessories and clothes, you will find many experiences at the Good Market – surprising art installations, exceptional concerts, workshops for children and adults, meetings with friends and interesting people

Dobrý trh® is an event that has been enlivening the city’s public space for more than 10 years, supporting small producers and quality home products and products of diverse cultures.

When preparing the Good Market program, intensive cooperation with the local community, neighbors, establishments and organizations in the vicinity is important, therefore each market is specific and adapted to the location. Cultural institutes, galleries and bookstores will open their doors and prepare a special program. A good market leaves behind a great mood, pride in its neighborhood and a tidy space.

The event is waste-free, only compostable dishes are used, volunteers honestly sort the waste and the organizers try to prevent its creation.

At every Dobr trú you will find a stand of the civic association Punkt. Here you will get all the necessary information about the market. In the stand they also have original gift items that made by designers especially for the Dobrý trh. Support them by buying a badge, magnet, bag or other souvenir. You will also find the popular surprise packages – the Cat in a Bag, which is full of gifts from the neighbors.

Do not miss this beautiful event when visiting Bratislava.