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Museum of Contemporary Art

Contemporary art museum presents male and female artists, the latest trends, and current cultural, social, and artistic expressions that are constantly evolving

This exhibition, with works of a permanent and variable nature, aims to be a public space for discussing current cultural topics.

The exhibition of art from the late 1950s will introduce you to the works of art by male and female authors and collectives from the SNG collections, which cover more than 70 years of diverse artistic tendencies that developed after the period of modernism and after World War II.

You will see a selection of works of various media and artistic genres and begin to understand their mutual connections, authorial anchoring, and contexts. At the same time, you will think about the concept of the present and what it means to us.

The phrase “museum of contemporary art” can be seen as an oxymoron due to the opposing meanings of the words “museum” and “contemporary art”. Traditionally, museums are seen as places where artefacts from the past are found, presenting the history and culture of bygone eras. On the other hand, contemporary art refers to the art of our time, which is innovative, experimental and often unconventional. The combination of these concepts is as contradictory as it is political in the Slovak environment since a similar institution is still missing in Slovakia.