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Trans Danube Swim

Join more than a thousand swimmers and cross the beautiful Danube from one bank to another!

The unique event of swimming together across the Danube has been bringing our beautiful river closer to all Bratislavans and visitors to the city for ten years. Join the swimmers who have been entering the waters of this beautiful river on the first Sunday of September since 2014. The 10th anniversary of a unique sports event that neither Vienna nor Budapest has.

You can sign up to the 11th year HERE.

Photo: Trans Danube Swim


At 1 p.m., the drummers will encourage us, we light a flare and set off together. However, we jump into the water in three stages. At 1:05 p.m. the second group is added and at 1:15 p.m. the third. First goes a professional swimmer who has already crossed the Danube nine times. We all jump into the Danube with a shout that we repeat three times to get as much adrenaline into our blood as possible. The first 50 meters start swimming at a 15-20% angle upstream. Then you can let yourself be carried away, breathe in the wonderful smell of the Danube and enjoy the experience. Gradually swim towards the other shore. In the second third, don’t forget to look to the other side. It will be the most beautiful view of Bratislava that you have ever experienced. Swimming will take you 15 to 25 minutes.


Pamplona, Spain, has been visited since the days of Ernest Hemingway for the San Fermín festival, where bulls chase tourists. Back to Rio for the famous carnival. Together we are creating a new adventure attraction and tradition in Bratislava!