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ÚĽUV Craftsmen Days

The Centre for Folk Art Production (ÚĽUV) brings traditions closer to people. Even to the centre of the Slovak capital, save the date!

Through the festival of craftsmen, ÚĽUV has been bringing folk culture and crafts from all parts of Slovakia to the capital for decades.


At the festival, ÚĽUV presents mainly the cultural diversity of the Slovak country, dialects, customs, beauty of folk costumes, music, singing, traditional cuisine, as well as a music cultural program and a school of crafts for children. The festival creates an opportunity for regional craftsmen to present themselves and at the same time offers a space for direct contact with traditions, whether by trying out crafts, communicating with the producer or interacting in a cultural programme.


An integral part of the festival is the ÚĽUV School of Crafts with creative workshops for children, which is currently applying for registration in the world UNESCO List of Good Practices for the Protection of Living Heritage.

The atmosphere will be completed by dishes of traditional Slovak cuisine, e.g. Bryndza gnocchi from the Masters of Haluškár, Pukanské párance, Legendary buns – Zbojská, Podpecníky from Mojmíroviec, trdelníky or poppy seed products from Jarná.



You will see a wide range of crafts and home productions – blacksmithing, tinsmithing, carving and splitting wood, woodcarving, pottery, embroidery, leatherwork, basketry, lace making, weaving on looms, decorating Easter eggs, glass painting, making musical instruments and much more.


Celebration of the artistry of folk artisans is the largest city festival of crafts and already traditionally it is part of the Bratislava Cultural Summer project. In the pedestrian zone of The Old Town you will see craftsmen from all over Slovakia demonstrating traditional crafts.

The festival of traditional crafts and folk productions the Days of ULUV Craftsmen has been organized in Bratislava regularly since 1990. Starting in 2006, ULUV prepares it in collaboration with other partners such as the event related to the Constitution Day of the Slovak Republic.

This event wants to present traditional production methods and of folk artists skills to the general public, and, after the festival, it is also an opportunity for the annual awarding of honorary degrees Master of Folk Art Production. Accompanying programs are part of the festival.


So travel through time and space and come enjoy the mastery of folk artists who will showcase their crafts in the historical heart of the city. Come with your children to the School of Crafts to try pottery, tinkering, textile techniques, carving or painting on glass. And let yourselves be carried away by the phenomenal heritage of the ancestors in the form of music and dance.