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Denisa Lehocká created a complex “spatial collage” for a place, leaving the exhibition space closed. It is a deep “window” that makes exhibition accessible to the public on the outside.

Lehocká works with a “display window” aspect, a work of window-dressing. The whole is something like an inspection. It is a look into the inner workings, and at the same time a critical detachment. The artist also works with the changing conditions of daily sunlight and nightly artificial lighting.

Her organic objects will be clusters of diversity created from glass, mirrors, metal, textiles, and other materials. They are hung, which allows them to have a gentle rotation, dynamics, life.

The artist is also pondering the given historical or contemporary context of the locality: SNP Square, the central square of the capital city, in its lower section among the original markets (once called Kramársky rad, i.e. Traders’ Row, or Marktplatz). Close by is the first skyscraper (Manderla Apartment and Commercial Block) in cosmopolitan Central Europe, an avantgarde manifestation of modernity.