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Xenia Hoffmeister: In a Maze

The central theme of this exhibition in a peninsular gallery of Danubiana is the Labyrinth, or one’s time in the Labyrinth as an existential constant, which is exacerbated by the current historical situation of permanent crisis

. In her artistic expression, Hoffmeisterová reflects on the paralysis of indecision as well as the consequences of rushing forward headlong. However, she does not only connect the dead ends, intersections, center and exits from the labyrinth, as well as all its inhabitants and the challenges of a successful pilgrimage, to the crisis situations of today; she also sees them in the everyday life of people. The realization of this fact is also the task in the maturation of an individual, which is eventually in accordance with the traditional mythology of the maze, as a symbol of life’s journey in ancient, Christian and romantic iconography.