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We will be happy to answer your telephone inquiries from 9:00 to 16:00 on weekdays.

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We recommend order a taxi by phone or mobile app than to hail one on the street.


If you have one of the apps below you are good to go. If you use a taxi without an app it is cheaper to order a taxi by phone than to hail one on the street. The initial charge varies from around 5 € and the price per kilometre varies from 0,40 €/km to 1,50 €/km. Taxi drivers are obliged to issue receipts on request.

Taxi mobile apps:

   Hopin Android iOS
   Liftago Android iOS
   Bolt Android iOS
Uber Android iOS
   Taxi MB Android iOS
            Taxi Bratislava  Android iOS

Taxi service numbers:

   Hello Taxi           +421 2 16321
   Express Taxi           +421 2 16223
   Caribic’s Taxi           +421 2 16555
   Fun Taxi           +421 2 22227777
   ABC Taxi           +421 2 16100
   Profi Taxi           +421 2 16222
   Taxi MB           +421 2 17700
   Taxi Bratislava           +421 2 16 300