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We recommend order a taxi by phone or mobile app than to hail one on the street.


If you have one of the apps below you are good to go. If you use a taxi without an app it is much cheaper to order a taxi by phone than to hail one on the street!

The initial charge varies from around 5 € and the price per kilometre varies from 0,40 €/km to 1,50 €/km. Before the taxi starts driving, find out if the driver has the taximeter turned on. Taxi drivers are obliged to issue receipts on request.

All taxi companies have multiple fare rates: lower when ordering over the phone, higher when stopping a taxi on the street or boarding at a taxi stand. The taximeter in the taxi shows two values: the fare rate and the total price of the ride.

Taxi mobile apps:

   Hopin Android iOS
   Liftago Android iOS
   Bolt Android iOS
Uber Android iOS
            Taxi Bratislava  Android iOS
Ryde Android iOS