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Bratislava City Gallery

The Gallery of the City of Bratislava (GMB) was established in 1961 as an independent cultural organization under the founding authority of the capital of the Slovak Republic. The gallery is the second largest gallery in Slovakia in terms of scope and importance. Its activities are connected with exhibiting an extensive collection of fine art in the form of permanent exhibitions and variable exhibitions of Slovak and world art.

GMB is building a collection as part of the cultural heritage of the city of Bratislava. Today, it manages more than 35,000 collection items that document the development of fine arts in Slovakia from the Gothic period to the present day. Part of the GMB collection consists of works of old Central European art.

Today, GMB understands its role in a much wider context, gallery spaces are increasingly popularized to create an accessible, friendly and inspiring environment open to the public, including local artists, local communities and fellow citizens with special needs.

In The Gallery of the City of Bratislava you will find the following:

● Permanent exhibitions representing the development of fine arts in Slovakia from the Gothic period to the present
● Current exhibitions of Slovak and foreign artists
● Accompanying events to exhibitions, guided tours, live discussions, concerts in the courtyard and other formats
● The GMB studio in the Mirbach Palace offers a self-service space for children and adults where they can try out different art techniques
● Special programs for school groups, parents on maternity leave, visitors 60+ or art students
● Courtyards of GMB palaces with a pleasant space for relaxation, work or friendly meetings. In the Mirbach Palace, also with the possibility of sitting in the Emil cafe.
● Publications produced by GMB, monographs and catalogs for exhibition projects in mini-shops at the checkouts
● Gallery library with a wide range of titles in the field of visual arts for students and the general public