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Bratislava – one of the oldest Celtic towns, the boarder of Roman empire, the important centre of Slavic Empire of Great Moravia, the western bulwark of Hungarian Kingdom, the last marine port of Danube during the Middle Ages, the town of merchants and craftsmen with rich vineculture tradition, the Coronation town of Hungarian Kings , the residence of the highest royal administration body, the place of harmonic coexistence of Germans, Hungarians, Slovaks, the centre of Judaism and Slovak national revival in 19th century, the capital city of Slovak republic, the bulwark of resistance against communism, the oasis of parks and greenness, rich cultural life and delightful atmosphere,the city of famous celebrities, musicians, writers and inventors.
Today one of the youngest european metropolis get unprecedented development of cultural and economic life. Due to courage to reforms is one of the two cities of Central Europe that overlap average gross domestic product of European Union. Constantly modernizing city is the centre of social and culural life in Slovak republic and is becoming more discovered destination for tourists.
The history adorned this city with epithet The Beauty on the Danube and not in vain.
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