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Picnic with the noblesse of old times

With grandeur, picnic baskets will be opened, swing music will sound, and the sunny Otčenáška meadow will reel on the third Saturday of May

Get into the mysteries and rhythms of sunny Harmónia of the beginning of the last century. Go back in time and let yourselves be entertained by an interesting period programme, which you can enjoy on a picnic blanket or comfortable sun loungers during a pleasant sunbath.

Enjoy a glass of delicious wine in a beautiful setting and vintage-style atmosphere of the early 20th century in the famous Modra-Harmónia resort on the vintage Modra Picnic. This year, lovers of puppet theatre, but also good open-air swing music will come to their own. Film lovers will appreciate the technical miracle and the youngest kind of art, a silent film that they can enjoy as in the old days, with a live piano accompaniment.


Ladies and gentlemen present are welcome at the fashion show, not only as an audience, but also as models. All they have to do is contribute to the atmosphere with period clothes. The secrets of wicker picnic baskets will spread far and wide and not only Fats Jazz Band will contribute to good mood with its live music production, but also quality wines from Modra. In addition to running around after the Otčenáška, there will be also a theatre performance for children. For parents, the organizers prepared a rarity – a wooden replica of the first Czech-Slovak car Tatra Pezident from 1897. Curious people, who will not be satisfied with the full meadow of Otčenáška, can go on wandering around in the company of professional guides; the locals also assume sporadic occurrence of Modran villas.

Come to the Harmónia for a breath of fresh air and to air out your Sunday dresses, picnic baskets, blankets and parasols. The picnic will take you back to the glorious history of the resort from the early 20th century, when Harmónia was experiencing its greatest blossoming. Luxury Alpine-style villas, entertainment, dancing halls, natural nooks and healthy air, all this attracted tourists in the past not only from the surroundings of Bratislava. And it attracts them even today.

Irene, Ilona, Etelle, Elisabeth, Vilma, Paula, Natalia, Anna… stars who at the time of their greatest glory provided a temporary home, relaxation, entertainment, health and peace to hundreds of members of the Vienna or Budapest elite. The fragrant air of the Modra-Harmónia climate spa carried the famous swing melodies and ladies floated in unforgettable models, underlining femininity, in the arms of gallant gentlemen on the dance floor of the renowned indoor dance hall. The Modran oasis of health and relaxation also competed hard with the uplifted Alpine resorts, and the carriages carrying visitors from the railway station in Šenkvice did not stop in the summer. The tourist associations maintained the surrounding hiking trails exemplarily and so the good fathers of the families, together with their wives and children, could safely enjoy the beauties of the Little Carpathian region, breathe fresh air and bathe in a sunbath. They could also indulge in a ladle bath. The children had a sandpit and playground at their disposal, ladies and gentlemen wrestled on the tennis courts. Today, such popular retro bikes belonged to the modern equipment of the Harmónia resort. Thousands of visitors brought the charm and nobility of the city to Harmónia, and romantic picnics in the arms of nature were nothing special. Because the elite of the big cities loved them.


You will experience your piece of this wonderful atmosphere in the rhythm of slow foxtrot and thong in the picturesque Modra bounds on Saturday, May 21. On the sunny meadow of Otčenáška you will return in time to the beginning of the 20th century thanks to a period programme, costumes, picnic baskets, blankets and parasols. Every year, the traditional picnic in Modra attracts visitors from the wide surroundings with its unforgettable intimate atmosphere. An interesting period programme can be enjoyed on a picnic blanket or comfortable sun loungers during a pleasant sunbath.

Modrans and guests from the far and near surroundings have been drifting during the Modra for years with music, nobility and atmosphere of the 20th and 30th years of the last century. After its opening at 1 p.m., they will traditionally applaud the ceremonial ride of the first Czechoslovak car, the Tatra President vehicle from 1897.

Children will have a good time with the puppet Theatre Žihadlo of principal Vlado Zetek and his friends. Ladies and gentlemen who prepare for a picnic in Modra and come in period costumes can show off at the competition fashion show. The programme is rich in theatrical and musical performances. Fats Jazz Band, Chamber Jazz Trio or SwinGang will keel-haul them on. Be sure not to miss the grandeur and atmosphere of the beginning of the last century enriched with short news from that era in the form of period fashion shows. The First Republic Fashion group, drawing on preserved originals, will present fashion from 1914 to 1945, as well as period summer, sports and beach fashion in an eye-catching exposition based on period fashion journals. Neither, however, will need modern fashion. At the picnic you will also be able to buy unusual, original captured T-shirts in an elegant and eye-catching package.

However, you will also find a bit of Bratislava at the Modra Picnic that will create a nostalgic atmosphere. From Modra or Kráľová, you will be taken to it by the popular Prešporáčik tourist train. From 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., you can also take a ride as part of the sightseeing tours around the meadow of Otčenáška.


In the evening, at sunset, the guests can look forward to a silent film screening with a live piano accompaniment by Peter Tarkay. Bored during the Modra Picnic will not be children or adults. The organizers prepared a rich accompanying program full of creativity, period parlour and sports games as well as edification. The atmosphere of the beginning of the 20th century will be completed by an exhibition, expert commentary, creative workshops or a number of games. From 1 p.m., you can expect a plain-air painting with Michal Mach, an exhibition of old radios from the collection of Branislav Čepec, a vintage photo corner, a bubble show, scout games, creative workshops for children, a gramophone record exchange, veteran cars or a warm-up with Mr. Zoch. If you fancy a stroll, don’t miss a pleasure trip to the historic villas of Harmónia. Anyone who would not like to move can go on a hike with the Modra Tourist Association to Zámčisko or to Zochova chata.

Luxurious alpine dwellings, the most exquisite entertainment, captivating nature and healthy air – exactly this attracted many visitors in the past and attracts even today. Treat yourselves to innovations that were in place a hundred years ago. Do not hesitate to air out
your Sunday dresses, picnic baskets, blankets and parasols during the day that opens the tourist season in Modra.

The amazing picnic in this lovely townlet has become a traditional period event in the recreational part of Modra – the Harmónia. Its excellence lies in revealing the beauties of a long time ago, but also in connecting man with the nature of a beautiful resort. Art nouveau elegance will be remembered by music of various genres, theatre, cinema, period fashion show and a varied programme for children. The picnic thus returns visitors in time and brings them closer to the famous history of the resort from the beginning of the 20th century, when Harmónia experienced its greatest boom.

Let yourselves be taken a century back, explore the contemporary picnic culture of the high society and experience living history, entertainment and edification, as well as the culinary delicacies and excellent wines from the Little Carpathian region.