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Divoká voda Čunovo

With its equipment and furniture the Čunovo water sports complex meets the criteria of sports stadiums of the highest quality so it is possible to organize here races at the European and world levels. The complex provides trainings facilities not only for professional water slalom racers but for hobby sportsmen as well. The persons interested who themselves want to try this adrenaline sport can book the track in advance and drive it with an experienced instructor.

The water sports artificial channel has a history of races attended by Slovak racers who took part in the Olympics, and foreign national teams. In 1997 and 1999 the Water Slalom World Cup was held here. In 2000 and 2001 the Junior Water Slalom World Championships and in 2003 the Junior Water Slalom European Championships took place in this complex.
Moreover, the year of 2010 will be of significant importance by holding the Water Slalom European Championships.
Another important year will be 2011 when the Water Slalom World Championships will take place here.

Board and lodging in the complex is provided by the newly opened Divoká voda and its restaurant. A buffet situated in the tribune premises serves fast food.


Rafting is one of the most attractive wildlife team sports. If you are in a good physical shape, you can enjoy rafting at all ages.

The price includes:
• full equipment
• instructions by experienced instructors
• dressing room with shower
• 60 minutes of wild water ride

Details of the activity:
Rafting is possible with a minimum of 4 people. There may be max. 6 crew members and one instructor per boat. If your crew does not have a sufficient number of members, do not worry! Book your rafting for a non-binding date and if there are people looking for crew members, we will let you know.

Rafting* 90 min 27 €/ person
Individual rafting** 90 min 45 €/ person
Individual rafting** with a rescuer 90 min 65 €/person

* group rafting with an instructor in 6-seat raft
** individual rafting with an instructor in a 2-seat raft

The artificial channel at Divoká Voda offers ideal conditions for all kayakers of different skill levels. Complete beginners can sign up for a Kayak School under the guidance of professional instructors. However, the channel is also designed for the advanced kayakers who wants to improve their technique, as well as for professionals who want to train for the World Cup. You can ride your own boats on the water, or you can rent our kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards.

Slalom canoeing, recreational riding (price per boat): 60 minutes 8 €
Slalom canoeing, recreational riding – half-day entry (price per boat): 08:00 – 14:00; 14:00 – 20:00 15 €
Slalom canoeing, recreational riding – 10 entries (price per boat, entries are transferable for 2019 season): 60 minutes 70 €
Slalom canoeing, recreational riding – 10 half-day entries (price per boat, entries are transferable for 2019 season): 08:00 AM – 2:00 PM; 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM 135 €

The biggest dose of adrenaline at the wild water where you meet with riffles in person. Hydrospeed is a float on which you lie and navigate a canal.
The price includes:
• full equipment
• instructions by experienced instructors
• dressing room with shower
• 60 minutes of wild water ride
Price: 90 minutes 26 €

You no longer need the sea or the ocean. There is an artificial surf wave at Divoká Voda, where both professionals and amateurs can go crazy.
All day surfing: 20 €/person
Half-day surfing (9:00 AM – 2:00 PM or 2:00PM  – 8:00 PM): 5 hours 15 €/ person.
Surfing – 10 entries – half-day (9:00 AM – 2:00 PM or 2:00PM  – 8:00 PM): 5 hours 140 €
Surfing 10 entries – all day  (9:00 AM – 8:00 PM): 180 €
Surfing pass 2019 at Divoká Voda (April – October price per Person, the pass is not transferable): 500 €

all day rent of a surfboard 25 €
half-day rent    15 €
water equipment 60 min          5 €

Treat yourself and experience a quick adrenaline yet safe ride on quality jet skis. Adventure like no other.
The price includes: one jet ski, fuel, lubricants, a buoy-marked route, a VMP-certified instructor, a life jacket and a helmet.
Detail of the activity:
This activity is great for individuals and smaller groups. Where? Under the wild water canal drain at the Danube old riverbed, which is part of the area. In the event that the group rents two types of jet skis, it is possible to exchange them during rides. Riders must ride only in precisely defined sections. We offer competitive rides for corporate groups.
Jet ski (captain, equipment, PHM)
20 minutes 50 €
40 minutes 90 €
60 minutes 140 €

The 300-horsepower Crownline 220 LS takes you on a fast cruise on the Danube. We also offer sightseeing tours on the Danube to Bratislava and neighboring countries.
We recommend:
1/ a romantic cruise paired with a bottle of champagne
2/ an adrenaline cruise with friends (6 people)
The price include: rental of a boat for an hour, fuel, lubricants, experienced skipper and compulsory rescue equipment.
The speedboat is intended for max. 7 passengers. The boat is anchored on the other bank of the Danube – opposite the hotelship Modrá čajka, from where we embark on a cruise with the crew – unless otherwise agreed. The boat is driven by the captain, and therefore never by a passenger unless he/ she has a captain’s license.
Price: 60 min 160 €

Aquaroller is an inflatable roll on the water surface. What is fun about that? Inside it, you try to walk or move forward. The activity can be enjoyed in the return channel at our premises. Ideal entertainment for kids and adults!
Price: 60 min 50 €

A new activity in the area is archery. We have bows designed for women and for men and even for children, targets with numerical values and 3D target. Feeling like challenging somebody? Tell us and we can arrange that.
Price: 1 hour 70 € (2x bows and a target)

Get crazy on the 500 m off-road track right in the area. We have four wheelers with 200 ccm power and autopilot. Enjoy adrenaline yet safe ride under the supervision of an instructor.
Activity available all year round (depending on the weather).
20/40/60 min 25/45/60 €
The helmet, mask and ride included.

There is a paintball field in the area. Challenge your opponent to a duel or let your friends relax and enjoy this fun game.
Paintball 100 balls 20 €/person
Extra 100 balls 6 €
Included in price: Marker (Tippman), protective mask, CO2, camouflage overalls, 200/100 balls, two instructors and gun service.

This season, the resort will open four beach volleyball courts suitable for a beach volleyball tournament. We will provide you with training, professional referee and prizes for winners.
Beach volleyball courts are also suitable for beach football, a great summer sport. As with other sports, we also provide full service.
Price: 1 hour 10 €

Self-irrigated grass field offers great conditions for a relaxing game. There are handball goals available. The dimension of the field resembles the indoor football field. The ideal number on one side is 4 players in the field + goalkeeper. There are also small goals and footballs for children available.
Price: 1 hour 20 €