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Grassalkovich Garden

In tbe Baroque era, in front of the gate to the city, a favorite of the empress, the president of the Bratislava building chamber, Mr. Anton Grassalkovich, a bachelor, bought large plots of land

Count Grassalkovich ordered the building of the Summer Palace by an unknown architect – most probably Artur Mayerhoffer after 1760. The cour d’honneur abutted the Palace from the south side, closed by the railings and an axially designed garden from the northern side, known as Grassalkovich Garden, behind today’s Presidential Palace. Its current structure suggests the approximate original appearance from Baroque era.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, Archduke Friedrich Habsburg lived in the palace with his wife Izabella de Croy. After the Second World War, the area served pioneers.

A playground can be found in the garden, swings, beams, horizontal bars, trains, tic tac toe as well as various jungle gyms. All are made of black locust wood.