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Matej Krén passage

Don’t forget to visit the unique PASSAGE project by Matej Kren, installed in Palffy Palace (GMB), which achieves the illusion of infinite space from the books. The installation has been appreciated by many world experts, visualization and photos published in leading international magazines on art. It has won the top prize in the global art competition Promotion of the Arts, organized by UNESCO in Paris

The “Passage” project represents a symbolic “shortcut across the worlds” in which we exist or reside: through the factual, real world, into the world of human culture, where reality is mistaken for another reality – virtual – for the reality of a word, text, sign, symbol, image and then back.

The project itself is a metaphorical synthesis of several formal-significant elements: entrance, sidewalk, “endless walls” of books, mirrors, light, exit and even the physical presence of the audience. Here, the audience changes from merely “passive” observers to actors co-creating the symbolic and meaningful level of the work. Their physical presence is transformed into an image – an “image of pedestrians” walking through the passage and at the same time an “image of pilgrims” walking along a narrow path through “endless” space. These metaphorical transformations reveal for a moment the possibility of insight into this hidden, elusive, but constantly omnipresent “world-giving”.

The passage, despite its essentially discrete presence, becomes an obstacle and at the same time the only possibility of movement in the space of the gallery or the world, thus reflecting another side of this “happening” – the absence of other alternatives…