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Salvator pharmacy

The full-service pharmacy serves as a kind of living museum, with staff dispensing medicines while also presenting its story – OPENING SOON

The building of the Salvator pharmacy is one of the most photographed in the historic center of the city. You can visit this icon of old Bratislava and a national cultural monument with baroque furniture as a functional pharmacy

Founded by Archbishop George Lippaio in the 17th century, the pharmacy went through several changes of owners and locations before finding its place in Adler’s house. This iconic building with a neo-style facade with a statue of Salvatore by the prominent Bratislava sculptor Alojz Rigele was built by pharmacist Rudolf Adler in 1904.

The pharmacy operated continuously in Adler’s house from 1904 during the monarchy, the Czechoslovak Republic, the Slovak State and also during socialism. Baroque furniture with over 300 years of history is the main value of the pharmacy. It is believed that this furniture was originally used in the private pharmacy of Archbishop Juraj Lippay, who donated it to the Jesuits. In 1904, the cabinets and shelves were supplemented with “modern” accessories – a chandelier, a scale, a cash register and lamps.

TIP – look for:

  • inscription “Quidquid agis, prudenter agas et respice finem, 1658”, which means “Whatever you do, do it prudently and look to the end”
  • a reference to the Three Star Lodge Masons