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Wine Tavern of Natural Wine Makers

“Who hasn’t been to Montmartre hasn’t been to Paris, who was not in the Prater, was not in Vienna, whoever was not in Hradčany was not in Prague and whoever was not under Viecha was not in Bratislava.”

This tavern is one of a few modern “viechy”, as these establishments are called in Bratislava. Traditional places were wine was served to all walks of life in Bratislava.

Just a short distance from the Main Square, you have the opportunity to taste the growing culture of natural and craft wines from all over Slovakia.

They produce wine in their own vineyards without any chemical substances – not only in the vineyard, but also in the cellar. The result is inimitable wines reflecting the unique character of the given place.

The place is also popular among locals thanks to the great atmosphere and goodies to go with the wine.