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Bratislava City and Castle Tour

In just over 3 hours, this entertaining walking tour, conducted by an experienced local guide, explores main sights of Bratislava, such as St Michael’s Gate, the Primate’s Palace and the Main Square. You will also see a strange Man at Work statue decorating Bratislava sidewalk, coronation site of St Martin’s Cathedral as well as Bratislava Castle. The biggest advantage of Bratislava is its accessibility. The vast majority of key attractions in its compact center are within walking distance of each other. After an easy walk in The Old Town, we will continue on to Castle Hill to enjoy stunning views of the city below. Bratislava Castle was originally a royal residence. Today, it is the symbol of Bratislava and the home of the Museum of History. You will learn the secrets of this famous castle as you walk through the fortress and hear many fun facts and tales about Bratislava’s rich history, culture, and people. Bratislava is truly a welcoming city.


  1. Meet your friendly local guide and start a 3-hour walk through Bratislava Old Town highlights
  2. Explore the Bratislava Castle (exterior only) and enjoy stunning views of the city from the Castle Hill
  3. Admire and find out more about the only preserved gate of the city fortification system, Neo-Renaissance style Old Opera House, St. Martin’s Cathedral (Gothic cathedral from the 15th century and former coronation place), Classicist Primate’s Palace, Main Square with the Old Town Hall and the most photographed statue in the city (Čumil)

DURATION: 3 hours
SEASON: All year round
START: Daily at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00
MEETING POINT: Vienna Gate (Viedenská brána) of the Bratislava Castle


  • Visit of the finest historical and architectural sites in the city
  • Bratislava Old Town highlights such as St Michael’s Gate, Main Square and the Old Town Hall
  • Bratislava Castle tour (exterior only)
  • Stunning views of the city from the Castle Hill
  • Personalized service on a 3-hour private walking tour
  • Professional Local guide
  • Local hints & tips what to see & do in Bratislava after your tour