Concert of vocal group FOR YOU

A capella is the Italian term for a vocal music ensemble singing without instrumental accompaniment. That doesn’t mean there cannot be any drum or bass. Human voice is so flexible and richly toned, it has the ability to imitate many musical instruments including percussion, double bass, trumpet or saxophone. And that is exactly what you’ll experience on Thursday 6. 10. 2016 at the concert of five amazing singers from FOR YOU group at ‘u Zlatého Bažanta’.

Get ready to enjoy popular hit songs from local and world charts, gospel songs and even our own work. Also on the program will be the christening of our debut album ‘We Sing…For You’.

Special guest of the evening and the godmother of our first album is Mária Čírová, who is featuring on the album in a special arrangement of her song ‘Ľadová Doba’.

Free entry – we recommend to reserve a table by email here:, or by contacting members of the group or by writing us here on Facebook. Find out more about us at:


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