Rockers want to party, too! Yet not all the rockers fancy seedy, shabby drinking dens. Trendier, discerning rock fans fl ock to centrally located Barrock for fantastic burgers, juicy ribs and a slightly upscale version of rock ‘n’ roll entertainment. You can enjoy some classic American fare in this handsome pub, there’s no shortage of beer and quite an impressive whiskey selection.

TV screens showing sport matches are on around the clock, guitar rock plays in the background and a cigar lounge caters to leather-clad tobacco afi cionados. Barrock, however, is far from being only a ‘gentlemen’s club’, as lady rockers fi nd this burger haven just as attractive as the guys do. Barrock appeals to its fans all week long, but the fun intensifi es on weekend nights, when the whiskey gets fl owing (and table top dancing naturally ensues).

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