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Into Forests and Vineyards

In Bratislava, wine is always within reach. Even the view from the city centre of the wooded hills reveals strips of vineyards. The villages and towns on the southeastern slopes of the Little Carpathians are linked to centuries of winemaking history

Within Bratislava, viticulture is still alive, especially in Rača. Head here for a tasting tour from the city centre through Charming vineyards and Carpathian forests with excellent city views.

Starting point: Park Račianske mýto
Route length: 22.2 kms
Trip time (including breaks): 3 hrs
Terrain: hilly/elevation: 370 m
Surface: 95% paved, 5% natural
In traffic: 50%
Difficulty: hard
Bikesharing: no
Download the GPX file here

The route starts in the park at Račianské mýto (A). Today: a busy traffic junction – in the past: vineyard houses, orchards, gardens, homesteads and a cemetery. Note the diversity of local architecture – socialist realism, functionalism and rondocubism. On the northern side behind the park, you will see the pink facades of the first prefabricated housing estate in Bratislava, “Februárka”. From street Pionierska ulica, cross over the railway to the new district, whose local vineyards are already giving way.

Before the underpass from street Sliačská ulica, turn left towards the gardens and vineyards. The bike path will lead you further along the railway tracks to street Pekná cesta. If you don’t feel like going uphill, continue straight on the cycling route to Rača. Turn left into the Carpathian forests. Surrounded by the cool forest, ou climb up to the gamekeeper’s lodge (B). After it, turn right and after 800 metres stop by the rock formation Stone Faces (C). Follow the blue trail left to the viewpoint Malá Baňa (D) to get views over the treetops. A few hills up and down, and you are at the former ski slope Slalomka (E).

To Rača (F) it is just downhill through a lovely forest valley and family houses. Enjoy a well-deserved glass of local wine in one of the traditional wine bars. Then, head back to the centre of Bratislava through the charming wine houses on street Alstrova ulica and through the vineyards back to street Pekná cesta and the same way to Račianske mýto. Take the tram back to the city centre if you are too tired after the wine tasting. To get to a tram stop along the railway tracks is only a stone’s throw away.

By clicking on “Zobraziť na” on your mobile and downloading the app, you can use navigation directly based on your location. Enjoy the route!