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Through the Hills

From Bratislava to the countryside, it’s just a stone’s throw. The houses are rooted in the green hills of the Little Carpathians. The mountain range is an integral part of the city’s panorama. The local forests are criss-crossed by tens ofc kilometres of great cycling routes

Head into the heart of the carpathian countryside and enjoy smooth ascents through the valleys or joyful descents. Discover the wildest part of Bratislava.

Starting point: Bridge Červený most
Route length: 29.6 kms
Trip time (including breaks): 3 hrs
Terrain: hilly/elevation: 500 m
Surface: 70% paved, 30% natural
In traffic: 0%
Difficulty: hard
Bikesharing: no
Download the GPX file here

The route starts under the bridge Červený most at the beginning of the Železná studnička recreational area. You can cycle here from the centre via street Hlboká cesta or Mlynská dolina. Alternatively, take trolleybuses 47 or 42, or the train from the main railway station. The parking lot is usually quite busy, especially at weekends. Partizánska lúka (A) is a popular place. You can find ponds, a snack bar, an amphitheatre, playgrounds, and even a historical tank here.

Up the valley, you will come to two more ponds (B). There have been water mills here since the Middle Ages, and since the 19th Century there used to be a famous spa with restaurants, a place of excursion for the people from Prešporok. Snežienka (C) is a large meadow and the lower station of the chairlift, which you can take to Kamzík even with your bicycle. You ascend steadily through the valley on asphalt, passing meadows, gazebos, wells with drinking water, ponds and abandoned quarries.

Refresh yourself in the snack bar U Slivu (D). The ascents from here are more challenging. If you start missing wine or civilization, there are several opportunities to go to Rača or Krasňany. The hills of the final leg after Červený kríž (E) will be challenging, but you’ll enjoy the reward at Biely kríž (F). A meadow, two snack bars and a gamekeeper’s lodge – already a cult place for Bratislava cyclists.

The way back is more adventurous. From Biely Kríž to Kačín you will go along a forest path with a natural surface. Here you will enjoy long descents through the Vydrica valley (G), over a small ford, bridges, fallen branches and a rest area with the Malý Slavín monument. From Kačín (H), you will cycle again on the asphalt road to Železná studnička and back to the bridge Červený most.

By clicking on “Zobraziť na” on your mobile and downloading the app, you can use navigation directly based on your location. Enjoy the route!