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To Devín and Morava

The ruins of Devín castle, situated on a massive crag, are washed by the water of two rivers, the Danube and the Morava. The devín area has a magical atmosphere and a charming location. Wandering to the western end of Bratislava is like travelling back in time

It is layered with the past of prehistoric seas, fossils, ancient settlements, medieval fortifications and stories from the cold war era.

Starting point: Square Rybné námestie
Route length: 46.9 kms
Trip time (including breaks): 5 hrs
Terrain: flat
Surface: 99% paved, 1% natural
In traffic: 40%
Difficulty: moderate
Bikesharing: yes
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Start your trip at square Rybné námestie near the bridge Most SNP. Head west along the Danube promenade. Past bridge Most Lanfranconi, the charming Karlova Ves Cove (A) and the elegant Waterworks Museum (B), you will reach the cycling route along the Devínska cesta. However, it soon ends, and you then continue along the road in traffic for less than 5km to Devín. The embankment leads you under the majestic Devín Castle (C) with a view of the flowing Danube and the ships crossing the centre of Europe.

Note also the original sculptural works commemorating milestones in local history. At the confluence of the Danube and the Morava stand two memorials to the victims of the Iron Curtain. In the parking lot behind the gate, you will find the castle grounds entrance and snack bars. Heading north, you continue along the bike path with the Morava River on your left and the Devínská Kobyla forest-steppe on your right. The giant Wait’s quarry (D) is a remnant of mining. The Sandberg (E) sandstone rock is a cliff of the retreating Tertiary sea.

Stop by the bridge Cyklomost Slobody (F) leading from Devínská Nová Ves to Schloss Hof Castle in Austria. The turbulent history of the 20th Century is commemorated by a military bunker, a barbed wire demonstration and a board with the names of the victims attempting to flee to the West. Take the alley to the right to reach the local information centre. The cycling route continues through a charming riparian landscape. In it rises the brick-arched Marchegg Viaduct (G), one of the longest in the former monarchy.

After a few more bunkers and the picturesque meanderings of the Morava River, you will arrive at lake Devínske jazero. To return to Devínská Nová Ves, you cycle on the side road. You can refresh yourself in the snack bar U Starého bicykla (H) with a western atmosphere. You can return from Devín to the city centre by bike, boat or bus.

By clicking on “Zobraziť na” on your mobile and downloading the app, you can use navigation directly based on your location. Enjoy the route!