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Saturday, 26 June

9AM – 6PM
10th Anniversary of Bratislava Tourist Board – Doors Open Days at Tourist Information Centre
Presentation about Bratislava Tourist Board at the Information Centre

9AM – 1PM
Water Museum, opened for public

Opening of The City Gate with Bratislava Mayor
Former Laurinská brána Gate on Laurinská St.
A symbolic opening of the City Gate for Bratislava citizens and visitors, including a programme and a fencing show

10AM – 4PM
Doors Open Days, Primate’s Palace
Visitors will get the chance to see the Mayor’s office and other rooms up close and talk to the Mayor and Deputy Mayors to learn more about their work

10AM – 6PM
Representation rooms of the Primate’s Palace will be opened for public visitors, including a painting gallery, unique tapestries, gallery and a chapel

10AM – 6PM
 created from children’s paintings OLO –  Primate’s Palace – Justi Hall
The mosaics were created over several years within an OLO educational programme –OLO art

10AM – 6PM
Let’s Build Our Own Town
Interactive installation by BKIS
Primate’s Palace Courtyard and Sv. Jána Nepomuckého Courtyard

10AM – 6PM
Let’s Build Our Own Town
Sv. Jána Nepomuckého Courtyard
Interactive installation by BKIS for families with children

10AM – 6PM
Summer Urban Bazaar, Bazová St.
Bazová St.

10AM – 5PM
Tyršovo nábrežie Quay
Public transport bus (articulated, 18m length), including an info stand
Programme: sightseeing of the bus, information about the integrated transport system by BID employees, showcases of controller system for integrated transport control

10AM – 6PM
Historical Cars
Experience-based ride with historical vehicles along the city circuit, including a guide. The passengers will get a historical travel ticket.
Americké námestie Square

10AM – 8PM
At Most Slobody bridge next to Tarzánia Fast Food Stall. Free entrance to the cable way.

10AM – 6PM
Museum of Customs and Financial Administration
Exposition dedicated to history of customs and financial administration at Tollhouse. The building was built in 1771 and was used to collect toll on the road during the reign of Maria Theresa. Free entrance.

10AM – 6PM
Opened Museums and Related Areas
Last entrance at 5:30PM,  Old Town Hall Tower, 7:30PM

  • Old Town Hall Tower opened until 8PM
    This month
    ’s topic – a unique item from the Depositary
    Shop / Museum – pay a visit to this interesting venue where you can buy books and material from the Museum edition
    From Museum To Museum – explore an interesting and rather less-know passage between the Old Town Hall and Apponyi Palace

 Specially opened exhibitions:


10AM – 5PM
Fire Station, Žilinská 1
Fire Station opened for visitors
Find out what it looks like inside a real Fire Station of Bratislava Old Town fire brigade, free entrance

Exhibition of Old Bratislava Photographs
Hviezdoslavovo Square

Dúbravka Festival of Handicrafts & Čerešňový juniáles
In front of Dom kultúry, Dúbravka

  • From 10AM
    Showcases of traditional handicrafts, minting of Dúbrava ducats, wood carving with chain saw, competition: carving of wooden spoons.
  • 4PM
    Drum majorettes, Klnka performance, speech by mayor
  • 5PM – 6PM
    Rock-folk concert by Dora

10AM – 7PM
Šrot park Gallery
A unique natural gallery by Branislav Pokorný, an artist creating his work from scrap metal and iron. The visitors can see his unique artefacts of animals and other interesting objects made from scrap. Free entrance.

10AM – 6PM
Wine tasting at Slovak National Wine Salon, special price: 1 sample – 1 Euro.

10AM – 4PM (the train does not follow a set schedule; it leaves when full)

  • Old Town Tour with Prešporáčik® Oldtimer with 50% OFF
    Start: Hlavné námestie Square
    Circuit Length: 35min
    Special Price: EUR 6/person. Children up to 100cm for free. You can buy your ticket in advance at the Tourist Information Centre on Klobučnícka St. 2 from 23 June to 27 June 2021, daily from 9AM to 5PM, or directly from the driver.
    Contact: / 0903 302 817
  • Circuit + Bratislava Castle by Prešporáčik® Oldtimer with 50% OFF
    Circuit: Hviezdoslavovo nám., Jesenského ul., Nám. SNP, Hurbanovo nám., Palisády, Bratislava Castle- 20 min. prestávka, Zámocká ul., Staromestská ul., Rázusovo nábr., Mostová, Hviezdoslavovo nám.
    Start: Hviezdoslavovo nám. Square at the Slovak National Theatre
    Circuit Length: 40min (incl. a 20-minute stop at the Castle)
    Special Price: EUR 6/person. Children up to 100cm for free. You can buy your ticket in advance at the Tourist Information Centre on Klobučnícka St. 2 from 23 June to 27 June 2021, daily from 9AM to 5PM, or directly from the driver.
    Contact: / 0903 302 817

10AM to 11PM
UFO for free for kids up to 15 years

  • For Bratislava City Days, the UFO Watch Tower invites children under 15 to visit the tower for free, provided they are accompanied by an adult. Thus, this 2-day event offers a chance not only to explore Bratislava from the ground, but also from the 95m height with unforgettable views.
  • Price for an adult: EUR 8.90
    Contact: / +421 2 6252 0300

10.30AM & 2.30PM
A sightseeing train ride by Vláčik Blaváčik with a tour guide, both Danube banks, incl. a visit to Bratislava Castle

  • Tour route:  Passenger Port – Nám. Ľ. Štúra – Nám. E. Suchoňa – Nám. SNP – Hurbanovo nám. – Staromestská – Nový most – UFO – Tyršovo nábrežie – Nový most – Staromestská – Palisády – Bratislavsky hrad – Slavín –  Mudroňova – Castle – Palisády – Hurbanovo nám. – Nám. SNP – Štúrova ulica – Šafárikovo nám. – Passenger Port.
  • The passengers do not need to stay for the entire circuit, they can get off the train at any stop. The Castle stop includes a short sightseeing tour with a guide and a tour around the castle premises.
  • To join the tour, you need to register using this link.

11AM – 2PM
Goats in at Wait Quarry
BROZ, Bratislava Regional Conservation Association, prepared an interesting exposition in nature. You can meet the free-grazing goats with their shepherd.

11AM – 6PM
Mirbach Palace, Pálffy Palace
Historical shots and images from the Slovak Film Archive, Bratislava City Gallery.
Number of visitors will be limited as per the applicable COVID Automat.

2PM – 4PM
Info Stand at Tourist Information Centre, Klobučnícka St.
Tourist Information Centre employees will be providing you with information about Bratislava, sightseeing tours and events during Bratislava City Days

40 Years Since the End of Steam Train Operation
2:55PM – Historical train ride
Departure from the Railway Museum in Východné.

The Impressive Devín
A sightseeing tour of Devín Castle in English, ideal for expats and foreign visitors
In front of Hradná Brána Hotel, Slovanské nábrežie 15

Free walking tour through Bratislava Old Town in English

7PM – 8.30PM
Square in front of the Slovak National Theatre, New Building
Opera & Ballet

  • Conductor: Martin Leginus
    Concert Master: Vladimír Harvan
    Opera Solists: Jolana Fogašová, Adriana Kohútková, Mariana Sajko, Andrea Vizvári, Ondrej Šaling, Richard Šveda,Daniel Čapkovič, Dalibor Jenis, Tomáš Juhás, Michal Lehotský, Ľudovít Ludha,
    Ballet Solists: Olga Chelpanova, Konstantin Korotkov
    Choreography: Nina Poláková, Reona Sato, Peter Dedinský
    Performances by SND Orchestra, SND Ballet and SND Drama actors

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