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Brightons, Little Big Adventure

Discover Bratislava in a non-traditional and fun way without books or brochures.
Try one of our games and have fun with friends or family. All the games are completely freeeeeeee.

Bratislava used to be a coronation city of Hungarian kings for almost 300 years. Accept our challenge of puzzlehunt to discver Bratislava Old Town and the coroantion tradition in a fun way. In our The Story of the Stolen Crown you will play the role of a detective who is searching for the missing coronation treasures.

Beat others!

Take your mobile or tablet and let yourself be accompanied by a virtual guard who was on duty at the time when the crown jewels disappeared from the chest in the castle. Their theft jeopardized the coronation ceremony of the new monarch. Help the guard track down the thief and find the stolen royal treasure as soon as possible. He will help you look for clues in real places in the historical center of Bratislava. By solving the ciphers, you move to other interesting locations and finally, in case of success, to the desired goal, saving the Bratislava coronations. Without them, the history of the city would not be what it is. The best teams will be published on the website in the results table.

Team up and help Bratislava coronations

If you are 10 to 16 years old, or you are a school group, don’t hesitate to play. However, the tasks can challenge even playful adults. You can divide into groups of 2-5 players and use your team analytical skills to solve tasks. Through 18 tasks, transport yourself to the historical center of Bratislava in the coronation times. The whole game takes about 1.5-2 hours, it just depends on your skill. Your team earns points for completing tasks. You can also use hints for each task, but be careful, points are deducted for using them. The time spent playing the game has no effect on the score, so give yourself time to think.

Play wherever and whenever you want

Siblings Jac Pac and Smarta prepared also a quizz that will test your knowledge and you can even learn something new. It is designed primarily for the age group of 10 to 18 years old, but some of the questions can challenge adults as well.

We have divided our questions about Bratislava quizz into 5 topics: geography, history, sports and culture, science and technology, and various other interesting facts. The Brightons prepared up to 500 questions for you to test your knowledge. Don’t worry about not being able to handle it or know something, as you can choose from 5 levels of difficulty based on what you feel comfortable with.

All you need is a phone, computer, or tablet with an internet connection. You don’t even need to have an account, but if you want to earn points, participate in competitions, or compare your results with friends and unlock higher quiz levels, you will need to create an account.