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Albín Brunovský/Selected Graphic Art Works in Danubiana

Don’t miss this exhibition in the unique Danubiana gallery. You can see works by Albín Brunovský during all of September and October.

Albín Brunovský, the most important graphic artist and illustrator, brought into our fine arts a characteristic interconnection of reality, dream and phantasy, as well as the perfect technique of coloured etching and aquatint. The works of Albín Brunovský were influenced by certain likes of surrealism and historical development of phantasy realism. This phenomenon was developed into a special phantasy-imaginative picture world, preferring a brilliant drawing and richly developed imagination. A stay at Academia di Belle Arti in Rome played an important role in this development.

Along with drawing and free graphic work, Brunovský also illustrated books for children and adults. He was featured at many global exhibitions and prestige galleries, but had also individual presentations, such as in Musée de la ville de Paris, Paris, France, Jacques Baruch Gallery, Chicago, U.S.A., Galerie Wiegand, Cologne, Germany, and East West Shop, New York, U.S.A.

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