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The romantic atmosphere of the Botanical garden and tones of the masters of our music scene invite to an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. The event is organized by the Bratislava Cultural and Information Centre in cooperation with the Botanical Garden of the Comenius University and the music club Kamel.

8th July at 5:30 pm
Vlado Vizár Jazz Trio – Patrícia Páleníčková guitar, vocals, Vlado Vizár trombone, Vlado Mačej contrabass.
Top professional production of jazz – swing, mainstream, traditional.

5th August at 5:30 pm
Lento Ad Astra – Zita Sopková piano, Erik Rothenstein saxophone, Pavol Bereza guitar.
Transcriptions of pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach and other world-famous authors, as well as original compositions. Lento Ad Astra brings a new view to the interpretation, with space for improvisation, which is very enriching under the condition of preserving the legacy of the composers and the quality of interpretation.

2nd September at 4:30 pm
SwinGang – Andrej Záhorec violin, Vladimír and Miroslav Nikulin cither, Peter Hrbík contrabass, Andrea Kružliaková vocals.
SwinGang will delight you with a colourful selection of rhythmical pieces, which belong to the style Jazz Manouche.

Free admission.
In case of bad weather the concerts will not take place.

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