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Chaplin the Tramp

Première: 15 and 16 March 2019

SND new building

World première

  • the authors’ team who stood behind the production Nijinsky – God of Dance (choreographer Daniel de Andrade, composer Carl Davis, set and costumes design Mark Bailey)
  •  the grand biographical production about Charles Chaplin, the legend of black-and-white screen and one of the foremost artists of the 20th century
  • the film as a powerful reference is also used ins et design (the set contains film fields projecting photography and other images)
  • the internationally acclaimed composer Carl Davis wrote an original script for the production, also citing film music
  • bohemian ballet
  • visually highly attractive
  • the story chronologically portrays the milestones in the life of Charles Chaplin from personal and professional perspective
  • the production aims to offer an accurate portrait of Chaplin, both as a cult figure, and a man known for his humanism, compassion and activism
  • SND presents the oeuvre to mark Chaplin’s 130th birth anniversary
  • the production employs contemporary movement language, whilst also including some classical ballet scenes
  • live orchestra

SND Ballet in collaboration with an international production team presents a new original piece about the legend of black-and-white film and one of the foremost artists of the 20th century, Charles Chaplin. Native of London, Chaplin made his career in the United States. He remains one of the major comedians, actors, directors and screenwriters in global film. Charlie Chaplin remains, in public mind, identified with the unforgettable kind tramp with a walking stick, a jacket too tight and shoes a size too large. We bring the dance portrait of the film and human genius in world première in the Spring of 2019.

Dates of the performances:  15.3.; 16.3.; 20.3.; 26.4.; 25.5. 2019 – always at 7 pm SND new building

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