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Fairies, Gods, and Goddesses

New exhibition of the NBS Gallery in the entrance areas of its Bratislava headquarters will take you to the world of fantasy

Andrea Bartošová, Margaréta Petržalová and Ester Sabik will present their works at the 7th exhibitional cooperation of NBS Gallery with the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava

Myths and fairy tales, their iconic main characters and captivating stories have been and are the starting point for countless retellings and updates through various art forms.

Although they come from different cultural backgrounds and play a different role in the collective imagination of societies, they know how to emphasize the themes, emotions and images to which artists deliberately return.

They can do so not only in a positive spirit, but also in a critical way. The second is characterized primarily by the reevaluation of selected narratives. Within the narrative abbreviation, certain stereotypes may be produced in them, depending on the historical context of their origin, values of the time.

For the presented Academy of Fine Arts and Design graduates, myths and fairy tales become living material, which they process in various media characteristic of their author’s program and for their aesthetic feeling.