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Galaprogram of Divé Maky

The gala program of theatrical performance and music creates space for getting to know Roma culture and cultural values

Visitors can expect a theatrical performance by talented children from Divé Maky (Wild Poppies), led by director Naďa Uherová, in the gazebo at Hviezdoslav Square. There will also be a three-hour mix of music, singing, and dancing led by the fantastic 1st violinist Barbora Botošová and other musicians.

As a part of the program, there will be an exhibition of artworks created by the artistic talents of Divé Maky, under the guidance of visual artist Katka Slaninková, as well as a discussion involving Divé Maky graduates. This project, through its mission, aims to contribute to breaking down prejudices and stereotypes against Roma people and reducing radicalization.

Photo: Divé Maky

Divé Maky,  a non-profit organization, about this project: “Through this project, we aim to contribute to the preservation of unique Roma cultural values and traditions. Moreover, we want to showcase the beauty of Roma art, break down stereotypes and prejudices against Roma people, promote tolerance, and provide a platform for talented Roma children to showcase their skills alongside professional Roma artists. Roma culture and art are important parts of our history and present, and therefore play a significant role in stimulating the cultural life in Bratislava.”

Photo: Divé Maky

BKIS is the partner of this event