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Loading: Love

There’s no black-and-white history. Find it out in the Old Town Hall courtyard at the exhibition uncovering the previous century’s unknown forbidden love stories of Slovakia’s territory that are point-blank and valid also nowadays.

Even in the 21st century some people think sexual and gender minorities are product of contemporary liberalization after 1989 in Slovakia and never existed and required their rights before.

Panel exhibition of history of LGBTI community in Bratislava and Czechoslovakia presented by stories of particular persons helps to mediate First Republic’s efforts of changing undignified living conditions then gay and lesbian people had to face and it tries to offer a wider perspective not only of history of one community but also of diversiy of collective memory.

Loading: Love exhibition is a touring project bringing closer the development of homossexual emancipation in Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia and Hungary from the end of 19th century to 1989. The fight to decriminalize homosexuality is here mostly depicted by presentive stories.

It is not so long ago when to express love and freedeom needed courage. Bratislava City Museum presents various parts of city’s history to which LGBTI community as well as its ambition to live a simple life also belongs. Come to get familiar with history not mentioned in coursebooks and reveal stories of once forbidden love.