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Modra Vintage Festival

Music, play cheerfully! Traditional grape harvesting in Modra is a celebration of winemaking and viticulture

It includes young wine, delicious wines, musts, good music, exhibitions and family programmes. The centre of the vintage will be the Vineyard Yard of the historic town hall, the ‘Last Wain’ will pass through the townlet.


Even this September can’t do without the traditional harvest festival in Modra, divided into three main sections. The Vineyard Yard is the centre of wine and young wine tasting and at the same time you will see how grapes are stitched in it. The Last Wain is an allegorical procession that will introduce you to the details of winemaking life, and “Vinoplay” is a festival that combines wine with music and dance. There is also a Children’s Scene, a Creative Park, a Craft Market and colourful exhibitions for visitors.

In Modra, the harvest season will culminate in a three-day celebration of the hard work of local winegrowers and winemakers. The traditional Modra Vintage Festival will take place this year on the second weekend of September. In addition to the classic stalls, excellent young wine and food, you can enjoy a great cultural programme. The annual grape harvest festival will begin on Friday, September 9 and last until Sunday, September 11.


Vintage in Modra will offer a manifold programme. The heart of the vintage is the Vineyard Yard with an urban wine tavern and authentic examples of grape pressing, where the stream of young wine flows down, the harmonica plays and the cellar offers tasting experiences in the premises of the adapted courtyard of the historic town hall. This will be the venue for the opening ceremony and the centre of this year’s Modra Vintage Festival, which will begin on the second Friday of September. The presentation of the winners of the vintage competition Wine of the Modra Vintage with the possibility of tasting the competing wines in the historic town cellar will also be a part of the first day’s programme.


By modifying the courtyard of the historic town hall, the urban wine tavern and a kind of heart of Modra vintage with an offer of the best of Modra were created. There is also young wine, wine, musts, real winemakers’ homemade dishes, grape products and the sale of table grapes. The Vineyard Yard will also present commented demonstrations of pressing and traditional production of musts and wines.


The stylized allegorical procession ‘The Last Wain’ will be the focal point of Saturday’s programme and also a symbol of vintage capturing the life of vineyards in an allegorical accompaniment with an eye-catching commentary. It is a typical final act, historically documented ending of the grooming ceremony. It is named after the occasionally decorated last wain of the procession, which the grape pickers accompanied to the house of goodman, the owner of the vineyards.

In a stylized allegorical procession, key personalities and moments of Modra’s history come to life. Local wine-growing associations, civic associations, amateur art ensembles, local schools and volunteers will be involved in the reconstruction of the procession with a selection of characteristic elements preserved around the interwar period. The procession will take place on Saturday 10 September at 3 p.m.


The Little Carpathian vintages in Modra, Pezinok and the Bratislava–Rača district are festivals of the renowned young wine, fermenting grape must. During the Vinohranie programme line, visitors can look forward to live concerts of many genres in the streets, yards and cellars and a real festival of wine, music and dance with a unique atmosphere. The truly rich, multilayered vintage programme in Modra will also include musical performances, theatre performances, exhibitions and floorball games in the Old Market.


The picturesque Modra preserves its distinctive atmosphere at wine celebrations, which have been part of the autumn customs of the region since time immemorial. Accompanying events in town courts, cellars or churches, many exhibitions and expositions, interesting concerts, lectures or competitions, fresh grape must, sweet wheat, regional customs and specialties, ceramics, loksha, folklore, on the other hand Indian music, carousels and camel. Simply classic.

Vintage is a celebration of the work of local winemakers and winegrowers. Traditional grape harvesting festivities in Modra will start on Friday, September 9th and last until Sunday, September 11th.


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The Modra vintage is exceptional in that it also preserves and presents elements of the grape harvest festivities from the first half of the 20th century. The draw is a traditional allegorical procession or demonstrations of pressing on historical presses. Wine tastings and local gourmet specialties, along with regional music, volunteer performances and a rich accompanying programme, create an unforgettable atmosphere. The aim is to create an innovative and quality event with an emphasis on making vintage visitors feel good, having valuable experiences and quality services. Also this year, the focus will be on the Modra viticulture, wine, wine cellars, grape products and everything related to the process of cultivation and processing of grapes.