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River in the City

For any city, the river represents a dynamic city-forming element

The Danube, one of the most distinct symbols of Bratislava, brings life and energy to the city. People enjoy spending their free time along its banks, and new water activities are gradually appearing.

Many parts of the river have already been used while some other ones are waiting for their development. The exhibition’s aim is not to endorse any specific project or plan. It wants to open a regular discussion about the river’s future look, related infrastructure, transport, tourism and how the river can be enjoyed by residents and visitors.


The River in the City exhibition maps projects that will change the face of the banks of the Danube and affect the atmosphere that the river brings to the inhabitants and visitors of the capital. The exhibited projects are only a fragment of what is happening on the Danube and its banks. Both the Danube itself and the projects on it change over time and they deserve attention and interest. In addition to projects in Bratislava, the exhibition displays several examples of the use of rivers in cities abroad.

It is not intended to promote specific projects or intentions. Being strategically located in the city centre on Rybné Square, as many people as possible can see it.


The exhibition consists of three parts. The first includes projects by private and development companies, the second features plans for the city and public institutions, and the third illustrates constructive examples from abroad of how the areas around rivers are used.

The exhibition contains a total of 14 projects, 6 of which are currently only in the conceptual design stage, two of which are being actively worked on. 6 examples from abroad are actually made and functioning and in many cases they can inspire how the river and its banks can be used for the benefit of residents and visitors of the city. All projects at the exhibition are presented in Slovak and English.

The exhibition depicts Nové Lido, Eurovea City, Vydrica, reconstruction of the amphitheatre in Devín, the Water Sports Area in Jarovce, the ecocentre in Čunovo, the Bratislava Danube Park, bridges over the Chorvátske rameno and examples from abroad, e.g. Isar River in Munich, Donau Auen, the water bus in Antwerp, HafenCity in Hamburg, Prague Riversides and embankments in Paris and Berlin.


The Danube is one of the most valuable but also most jeopardised aspects of European natural heritage. That is one of the reasons
why it is necessary to look after its banks and the surrounding area. Numerous entities have their requirements and needs in a relatively small space, so it is a long-term challenge to respect and align such diverse interests.

Walk along both riverbanks and try to imagine what the Danube and its banks could look like in the future.