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„We have a duty towards music, we must invent it,“ Igor Stravinsky said. We have the duty towards music to play it and you can come to the Convergences to listen to it.

The rebel, the globetrotter and the compositional icon of the music of the 20th century IGOR STRAVINSKY (1882 – 1971) comes in February 2019 as an exclusive guest to the Festival Convergences. During three evenings in the Slovak Radio except other pieces by Stravinsky will resound also the scandalous Rite of Spring in captivating interpretation of the piano duo of Miki and Nora Skuta, the sophisticated Bachian Concerto „Dumbarton Oaks“, the elegant Italian Suite and Musical Story, the timeless anti-war message The Soldier’s Tale (translation Ján Štrasser) with the charismatic Robert Roth in the role of the narrator. Excellent home and foreign artists will be performing also this time: the violinists Igor Karško and Milan Paľa, the Canadian violist Juan-Miguel Hernandez, the cellist Jozef Lupták, the contrabassist Juraj Griglák, the clarinetist Ronald Šebesta, the Hungarian trumpeter Zoltán Molnár, the soprano Eva Šušková, the dancers Krisztián Gergye, Ivica Franeková and others.

A part of the Festival will be already indispensably the accompanying events, thanks to which we offer to the audience the opportunity to have closer insight into the life and work of the composer and to get in the mood for the main programme. Also this time will take place a reading about music performed by Robert Roth, a movie night and an informal discussion with the artists.


The season ticket is valid for these events:
– 7th February 2019_7 pm Reading about music with Robert Roth / Klub pod lampou

– 15th February 2019_6 pm Stravinsky on the screen / Kino Lumière

Concerts in the Slovak Radio:
– 13th February 2019_7 pm The Rite of Spring and chamber music
– 14th February 2019_7 pm Concerto „Dumbarton Oaks“ and chamber music
– 16th February 2019_7 pm The Soldier’s Tale

Additional concert: 17th February 2019_7 pm The Soldier’s Tale


We are looking forward to meetings with music.

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