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The Devín Redcurrant Vintage

Under the Devín Castle, the wine tradition will come alive again in September

For more than a century, redcurrant wine has been produced in the Bratislava city district at the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers. Devín, however, is an ancient wine-growing locality with a history of viticulture dating back to the 2nd century BC.

The wine from Devín was renowned and at the end of the 17th century Emperor Leopold I granted it the permission to be selled in barrels with a trademark. Today, Devín is known more for its currant wine. Alois Sonntag started its large scale production.


Vintages as a celebration of harvest and winemaking are therefore a tradition under the majestic castle for centuries. On the first weekend in September, the Devín Redcurrant Vintage will bring the first young wine in the region, but also wines of the Devín winemakers or traditional bites of delicacies.

Lovers of good food and wine will appreciate grape and redcurrant young wine, products of local and foreign winemakers or culinary specialties focused on red and black currants. The atmosphere will be complemented by a music programme.


Come to Devín to start the period of Little Carpathian vintages and, above all, to taste the autumn wine classic, that is, the young wine called also new wine. You will definitely feel great in the cozy environment of the THEBENER garden restaurant area.

Go to taste the “currantwine”, various delicacies especially from small-size producers and savour the unique atmosphere of the westernmost Bratislava wine-growing municipality of the Little Carpathian wine-growing region.

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