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When The Love Factor’s High

This March, they have an another exhibition in DOT. Contemporary Art Gallery in Jurkovič heat station

The song “When The Love Factor’s High” lent its name to an exhibition of Slovak painter Martin Lukáč. Its straightforward text can be perceived as a reflection of simple, compact forms, which take an increasingly vigorous place in its creation.

Abstract forms in his latest works often emerge from the background suddenly or gradually, in any case from the contrasting white surface, which carries with it an unfinished or underlying nickname in the painting world.

Freed from direct display, Lukáč moves in the level of associations to references to visual culture, symbols, objects, high and low art, as well as products and their brands. Like country music, it carries with it a certain emotion, regardless of its contact with commerce. He does not fear it, nor does he condemn it, but rather accepts what interests him and, on the basis of mutual interest, overlaps with it.

What is important to him is the dynamics and energy that appears not only in the painting gesture but also outside it in the world of sport and physical fitness that he cultivates. The theme of the song itself refers to a form of energy, enthusiasm or love that the author perceives as the essential hub of creation.

Again, it proves that his paintings are characterized by unbridled painting spontaneity and a constant search for an expressive authorial gesture against the background of a joke often related to figural themes.

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