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White Night – A Symbolic One

White Night used to be the biggest and most popular modern art festival in Slovakia. It belongs to the most beautiful autumn events in Bratislava, giving you the chance to experience an extraordinary artsy walk through the night town, full of new impressions and stimuli. Due to the current situation, the festival was cancelled and you will see only the symbolic fragments in the streets of Bratislava.

These stand-alone objects and exhibitions will occur from time to time in public spaces and galleries. It will be a pandemic version of the festival, yet more intimate and heartfelt.


Since mid-August, six KUVYT containers made by a visual artist Lubo Mikle were installed in various public spaces in Bratislava.
The installation refers to the topics of cultural identity, environment and other social issues. It represents an industrial view on town and the fragmentation of urban landscape.

From 2.10. to 15.10. 2020, a panoramic composition of all objects will be located at  Rázusovo nábrežie, creating an interesting dialogue with visitors walking along the Danube. Subsequently, the containers will join into a monumental sculpture, contrasting with historical architecture of the town. This temporary space will host performances, concerts and other works of art. The day-time image will be changing with each sunset. For information on performances and individual stages, see White Night social network profiles.


Marek Kvetan’s exhibition called The Physical Inability of Silence in an Unstill Mind will bring a new view at the current civilisation using oversized wasp nests featuring an expressive audio sound. The installation will offer an overall transformation of the exhibition area with the use of light and sound. Thus, Kvetan will bring a unique ambience to SODA Gallery, highlighting the effects of arousal, defence and aggression as a parallel to the current social topics. The exhibition will be opened from 2.10.2020 to 23.10. 2020 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2 PM to 6 PM on Školská St. 10, Bratislava.


In order to express solidarity with all workers in the creative industry, an SOS CULTURE tram by Archtung & Róbert Slimák & Daniel Horňák will be riding in Bratislava. This warning signal is intended to be sent into all layers of society to highlight one of the most pressing issues caused by the pandemics. Ignoring the call for help could destroy the ethos of our cultural identity. Being a small country, it is through the art and culture that we can contribute to the European community in the same way as larger countries. On 2 October, the tram will feature a mobile lighting installation after sunset.

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