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Craft Beer Festival in the Old Market Hall

Over 40 Slovak and foreign breweries and 200 craft beers. Special guests. Excellent beers. Unique atmosphere

A special degustating “Beer Saloon” bringing presentation of craft brewery in form of beer tasting will take place in the Old Market Hall in Bratislava’s city centre to please all great beer fans.

Traditionally, you may look forward to fantastic atmosphere, great amount of small breweries and their beers. Many different kinds of beer to be precise as well as degustation from special glasses and discussion with its makers or distributors. Let Bratislava live with craft beer!

Each brewery will have in offer at least one premiere of its new beer that you’ve not had an opportunity to taste in Slovakia yet. During the festival there will also be a well-known Street Food Park on the square right in front of the Old Market Hall, which is known for tasty street food and great atmosphere.

What to look forward to:

  • Each brewery will have at least one premiere of its new beer at the Beer Salon.
  • Special guests – Hungarian craft breweries.
  • Ambassadors of the Beer Hall, who will choose the ranking of the Top 10 best beers of the Beer Hall (it will be published on the second day of the festival so that visitors can taste them).
  • Group entrance fee with taster. The task of the taster will be to accompany the group through the festival and, based on their preferences, select and comment on individual beer samples (for groups of 5-10 people).
  • Homebrew Village, presentation of homebrews and their beers.


1-day Ticket: €6
3-day Ticket: €10

The Craft Beer Festival in the Old Market Hall is a presentation of small craft breweries from Slovakia and abroad in the form of a paid tasting. It is associated with demonstrations of beer pumping, beer culture, lectures on beer production and individual types of beer. Its aim is to present traditionally brewed beer as a drink that has its story, its value, its uniqueness in all its forms and to point out its specifics and individual types, both in its production and in its drinking. At the same time, it would also like to teach visitors to understand the way beer is served and consumed and its combinations with different types of meals. It also has the task of elevating the value of beer to the level it deserves to be perceived by consumers as suitable for various occasions.