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Street Food Park vol. 49

You can have a great meal in the Old Market Hall also the fourth month of this year

During five days, the April edition of Street Food Park in Bratislava’s Old Town will offer the opportunity to enjoy great street food in an unique atmosphere. This time it brings not only popular fix stars, but also several new products. Look forward to delicacies from all of the world.

Once a month, Street Food Park brings to the square in front of the Old Market Hall and to its interior retailers with quality and imaginative street food. In a pleasant atmosphere and “standing” you can enjoy lunch, late snack or strengthen yourselves in front of the evening program in the city. In addition, Street Food Park has a Zero Waste philosophy.

Daily Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 10 p.m., you will find vendors with burgers, hot dogs, wraps, Slovak “párance”, stuffed “trdelník” spit cakes, “hiadlovec” and “lepenec” cheeses, gluten-free meals, coffee, chocolate, Old Town Hall soda, apple ciders, wines from Svätý Jur and various other delicacies.

Street Food Park respects nature, all waste is separated and recycled here. There are 2 recyclation points with assistents, who will instruct you how to sort the waste into the right bins. At the same time, they use biodegradable cutlery and dishes to serve foods. You won’t find any plastic cutlery here.


Even at the second Street Food Park this year, you can’t miss the Trhance jak párance, which, in addition to traditional fruit flavors, have prepared e.g. “párance” with baked potatoes, cream and bacon. On Wednesday you can also look forward to their limited poppy seeds special with homemade plums.

At the April Street Food Park, Foodstock Bratislava will offer its proven classic, crispy vegan gyosa with teriyaki sauce with a touch of truffle. In addition, you will also find fermented kimchi salad in their menu. Coffee lovers will also come into their own. The mobile cafe Folcík will prepare it in various ways – whether as a classic or in the form of a cold brew, batch brew, espresso tonic and iced latte. If you do not feel like having a coffee, stop for a scented tea or a glass of good prosecco.

A novelty at April’s Street Food Park will be Goodies on Wheels, preparing genuine salty or sweet goodies. Prepare your taste buds for various fruit balls, poppy seeds “šúľance! with hot cherries or melted sheep cheese pierogi. And the cheese will also be grilled and melted! Anyone who asks for a big cheese load should stop by Raclette Republic. BECHU by Rodkva, a street food inspired by Korean cuisine, will also return.

Also UNAS Street Food will come. Be sure to try their new 100% beef smash burgers – Lokal Original and Lokal Dirty with added crispy bacon, cucumber relish and caramelized onions. Even this month, the Old Market Hall cannot miss the street food stand of Field Kitchen. In addition to fish & chips, it will also make a Pankoschnitzel with a long bone, stuffed with roasted mushrooms. You can dip it in a strong broth of roasted chicken bones and mushrooms. It is eaten with salty brioche on lard with thyme and miso butter with beetroot.

In April it will be in front of the Old Market Hall and it will be hot! MumBhai Express will heat up a tandoor oven and prepare a Saturday special – traditional Indian naan bread – right in front of you. All five days, you can choose from a menu such as freshly grilled MumBhai Chicken or mango Lassi drink and from a limited number of special menus Indian Paneer cheese cooked in a traditional pea sauce or handmade sweet balls flavored with saffron, rose water and pistachios.

During Street Food Park, there will be a Beer Salon in the Old Market Hall, a unique tasting Craft Beer Festival. Traditionally, you can look forward to a fantastic atmosphere, a number of breweries and their beers, tasting from glass tasting glasses and interviews with their creators or distributors.

Join the fans of good food! Help the square in front of the Old Market Hall getting back to its original genius loci, support the local gastronomy and also have a great meal.

Come to enjoy the spring to the second Street Food Park of this year. Even if it would be windy outside, it should not stop you to enjoy pleasant moments with food and music inside.


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