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Top 10 Street Food Shops


BARsKDE can be found “anywhere”, which happens to be the English translation of its name, too. It was started by two students whose culinary relationship became the impetus to open up their very own business. The movable stand has already travelled to several festivals, wine harvest festivals and street food events. During the summer, a summer terrace is located on Michalská street. Unlike other street food stands, BARsKDE doesn’t concentrate on just one type of food. Instead, it strives to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack by enhancing its menu with pastrami, one of BARsKDE’s very own specialties which they are trying to popularize in Slovakia. The pastrami is made from matured beef briskets kept in salt for several weeks. When served on homemade sourdough bread, it creates an unbeatable combination.


2. Vegan kiosk

This was the idea of two vegan enthusiasts who decided to open a stand and spread even further their philosophy of how to eat well. So Bratislava’s first ever vegan fast food stand opened on Kamenné square. But their customers are not only vegans, as “meat-eaters” also flock here. Anyone can find something they like at Vegan Kiosk. The wraps and hamburgers they sell have fried legume flour pancakes instead of meat, served along with home-grown vegetables. Vegan Kiosk tries to make its food stand out with all different colours and ingredients.


3. Poľná kuchyňa

The very name Poľná kuchyňa (Field Kitchen) illustrates this street food business’s intent to provide food and be able to move from place to place as the mobile mess halls used to do to feed military troops. To differentiate itself from the competition and the street food scene, which tend toward hamburgers, Poľná kuchyňa serves fish n’ chips instead, and this has become its best seller. The menu is regularly changing as this stand endeavours to invent something new and tasty. The food truck can usually be found parked at Poľná street, not far from the Medická Garden, but it also appears at the Dobrý trh (Good Market event), Urban Market and on Saturdays in front of Stará tržnica (Old Market Hall).


4. NYC Corner

Quality sausage with 90% meat, fresh rolls and vegetables are the basic ingredients NYC Corner uses to make their unique and affordable hot dogs, just like in New York City. If you’d think they just serve “classic” hot dogs, you would be quite mistaken, as these “classic” hot dogs have been enriched with all new ingredients to make NYC Corner a significant new addition to Bratislava’s street food scene and leading it to become quite popular. Its biggest specialty is its pulled pork hot dog with slow roasted pork. NYC Corner’s stand is located at Špitálská street, just a short hop from Kamenné square.


5. Orbis streetfood

Orbis Street Food offers food from around the world in the centre of Bratislava, and it is the only street food stand in Slovakia whose fries are made according to the original Belgian recipe of fresh potatoes fried in beef fat. They are served in cornets with one of a selection of delicious Belgian sauces. Besides its exquisite fries, Orbis offers meals from different parts of the world. The menu regularly changes and nobody here is scared to experiment. Orbis Street Food can be found at Laurinská street near the Primate’s Palace.


6. Ty Somaru

Do you want to explore Mexico but do not know where to go? In that case, Ty somaru is the perfect place for your taste buds. Genuine Mexican flavors which you can combine according to your taste – quesadilla, buritto or a menu with soup and buritto bowl. Ty somaru has a terrace with distinctive red barrels where you can eat comfortably. Be sure to visit Kamenné Square to see for yourself!


7. Grizzly Tacos

Not far from the Stone Square, there is a pleasant little Mexican bistro serving top-notch tacos from corn, buritto or chilli con carne. In addition to juicy meat and tasty salsa, Grizzly Tacos also offers a vegetarian version, especially blue tacos made from blue corn. Eco-conscious people will surely appreciate recyclable packaging. Grizzly Tacos is open daily except Sunday. Be sure to stop by and spice up your life with Mexican cuisine.


8. Buchtáreň

Any list of the most popular “sweet” street food stands in the centre of Bratislava would certainly include Buchtáreň (“Dumpling Palace”). Anyone looking for something sweet should come here. The menu offers honest, homemade steamed dumplings you can sweeten or spice up to make them savoury. Certainly, no one is going to leave with an empty stomach. The concept of a “buchtáreň” is something unique to Slovakia and you can taste these steamed sweet dumplings every Saturday at Stará tržnica (Old Market Hall) on Trh Piac Market event or at the stone shop under the Michael’s Gate.


9. Koun

Koun is a favourite, well-visited gelateria located in the heart of Bratislava on Paulínyho street near the historical Slovak National Theatre building. It is owned by a woman who studied how excellent ice cream is made in Italy, and then opened her own ice cream parlour for her long-lasting dream to come true. The ice cream is made from the highest quality ingredients with no artificial additives, while Koun’s unusual ice cream flavours make it the place to go. So if you want to savour a bit of Italy in the centre of Bratislava, definitely stop here.


10. Petite Crêperie

You would be very much mistaken if you were expecting the crepes in this shop to be rolled up crepes with jam. Petite Crêperie was started by Veronika, a student who was inspired while she was studying in Paris by the shops selling crepes at every corner. So when she returned home, she decided to open her own crepe shop as homemade thin pancakes are somewhat rare in the Slovak street food scene. The menu includes locally-made sweet Palatschinken and less traditional, salty buckwheat pancakes, which especially attracts people eager to taste something different. How these are served is also a bit unusual as they are cornet-shaped. The Petite Crêperie street stand sells crepes and thick pancakes on the side of the road, and is also connected to a small shop. Come to Vysoká street to taste these excellent crepes. The place can’t be missed as its distinctive red colour makes it easy to find.


Street Food Park

The Street Food Park is a special event for anyone who loves food of any type. Several times a year caravans and food trucks offering good quality, tasty street food are parked at the square in front of Stará tržnica (Old Market Hall).  Whether you are a vegan, hamburger lover or looking forward to eat at Slovakia’s latest “in” place, drop by and see for yourself that even Slovakia’s street food is worth tasting.