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Top 10 Street Food Shops

Street Food Park

The Street Food Park is a special event for anyone who loves food of any type. Several times a year caravans and food trucks offering good quality, tasty street food are parked at the square in front of Stará tržnica (Old Market Hall).  Whether you are a vegan, hamburger lover or looking forward to eat at Slovakia’s latest “in” place, drop by and see for yourself that even Slovakia’s street food is worth tasting.

1. Streetfood & Café Possonium

Various street food establishments and a bar have come together in one project, literally under one roof. The minimalist interior lets the artwork stand out, which is regularly changed, and the year-round garden offers relaxation in an attractive, green environment. You will enjoy great food and coffee prepared by trained baristas in the cafe, in the garden or in the front yard, right next to Trhoviska Žilinská.

Photo: Streetfood & Café Possonium

2. Foodstock

The name Foodstock, inspired by the legendary Woodstock festival, is more than just a play on words…come find out why. Their claim is good mood food :) According to their own words, they serve the best gyoza in town. You can find a vegan/vegetarian bistro right in the city center.

Photo: Foodstock

3. Circus Streetfood

Circus Streetfood can be found on the lower floor of the Central European House of Photography. Here you can enjoy leberkäse, vegan burger and more. At the same time, there is Studňa – an art club, coffee, craft beer and a borovička – Slovak gin bar with a terrace in a historic stone alley.

Photo: Circus Streetfood


A perfect buttery bun combined with honest meat, homemade deluxe dressing and the TRIPLE!! portion of cheddar. And to top it off, everything is covered in cheddar sauce! What’s better than an Honest Taco? Two Tacos!! An honest corn pancake is the basis, we add tender beef with a proper portion of Emmentaler, fiery, freshly cut Habanero and fresh lime. Of course, a pile of cheddar on top. Even vegetarians won’t go hungry. Arancini deep-fried balls made of vegetable risotto, four types of cheese and sage are waiting!

Photo: Sy Rajt

5. Orbis Streetfood

Orbis Street Food offers food from around the world in the centre of Bratislava, and it is the only street food stand in Slovakia whose fries are made according to the original Belgian recipe of fresh potatoes fried in beef fat. They are served in cornets with one of a selection of delicious Belgian sauces. Besides its exquisite fries, Orbis offers meals from different parts of the world. The menu regularly changes and nobody here is scared to experiment. Orbis Street Food can be found at Laurinská street near the Primate’s Palace.

Photo: Orbis Streetfood

6. Burrito Fellas

Their burrito is toothsome, luscious, rich, dainty and absolutely tasty. Burrito Fellas is a popular Bratislava bistro serving Mexican and Tex-Mex food.

Photo: Burrito Fellas

7. Petržalka langoše

Outside the center, but worth a visit. Gourmets from more than 100 countries have made a trip to this kiosk! Langoš is a deep-fried flatbread with a topping of choice, give it a try ;)

Photo: Petržalské langoše

8. Koun

Koun is a favourite, well-visited gelateria located in the heart of Bratislava on Paulínyho street near the historical Slovak National Theatre building. It is owned by a woman who studied how excellent ice cream is made in Italy, and then opened her own ice cream parlour for her long-lasting dream to come true. The ice cream is made from the highest quality ingredients with no artificial additives, while Koun’s unusual ice cream flavours make it the place to go. So if you want to savour a bit of Italy in the centre of Bratislava, definitely stop here.

9. Petite Crêperie

You would be very much mistaken if you were expecting the crepes in this shop to be rolled up crepes with jam. Petite Crêperie was started by Veronika, a student who was inspired while she was studying in Paris. So when she returned home, she decided to open her own crepe shop. The menu includes locally-made sweet Palatschinken and less traditional, salty buckwheat pancakes, which especially attracts people eager to taste something different. How these are served is also a bit unusual as they are cornet-shaped. The Petite Crêperie street stand sells crepes and thick pancakes on the side of the road, and is also connected to a small shop.

Photo: Petite Crêperie

10. Fresh Market

Although a little bit far from the city center, there are diverse culinary experiences here for those that are hard to please and like adventures. Unique gastronomic stores and authentic shops with high-quality goods from diverse cuisines and cultures under one roof pod.

Photo: Fresh Market