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Jašenie: Vi3e + Young Aesthete

After the fourth sold-out edition of Jašenie, another one is coming to the legendary old school premises of DK Zrkadlový Háj in Bratislava, Petržalka.

Jašenie is a 2-hour intense party with DJs in the middle of the people, accompanied by a light installation and recorded on video. The event breaks down the barrier between the audience and the DJs – celebrating music with dancing and performative DJ sets in a communal setting. The fifth edition of the event will feature its creator Young Aesthete and Vi3e.

Vi3e is a Slovak pioneer of British electronic sound. He is known from the main stages of Czechoslovak festivals – he is Gleb’s concert DJ. He has played alongside electronic top acts like Sammy Virji, Conducta, MPH, Flava D, Holy Goof and others. He has several albums under the label Universal Music and is preparing unreleased songs, remixes and dubs for Jašenie 5.

Young Aesthete is a DJ and producer who hyperactively experiences music with his whole body. He oozes an energy that is not easy to find in DJs.

All video footage of Jašenie is available on YouTube.

More information about Jašenie is available on Instagram.

Video and photographs will be taken at the event.

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