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Jiří Kroha – From modernism to socialist realism

The exhibition presents the complex personality and artistic development of a remarkable architect and visual artist of the 20th century in Czechoslovakia

The multifaceted personality of the architect, painter, sculptor, set designer, writer and teacher Jiří Kroh, a member of the interwar avant-garde, is unique in the history of visual arts. In his artistic expression, he came out of expressionism, went through cubist and constructivist periods, through purism and functionalism, and due to his strong social feeling and left-wing orientation, he created after 1948 in the spirit of socialist realism.

Sociological fragments in collage

Jiří Kroh’s masterpiece in the field of sociology is a set of picture collages called Sociological fragment of housing (1930 – 1933), where, based on research of individual social classes, he defined the social standard of housing in several areas, e.g.: hygiene, leisure, clothing, health, as well as sleep, family or sexuality. Kroh’s monumental cycle of collages The sociological fragment of housing reflects the social conditions of the interwar period in Czechoslovakia in statistical data and images.

The exhibition texts are available in Slovak and English, do not miss it :)