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Lousy Auber: Bubbles – art installation

Old Market in the city center invites you to a new summer artistic experience. Three monumental bubbles fill the interior of Old Market – Stara Tržnica.

👉 Bubbles as symbols of connection, fragility, cooperation, diversity. Bubbles that convey an important message of belonging in today’s busy social atmosphere. Lousy Auber used old hot-air balloons, which were given a new function in an immersive installation created for the occasion.

👉 Slovak photographer and multimedia artist Lousy Auber is known, in addition to his photographic work, for his monumental realizations in public space. He has done several installations as part of the White Night and Grape festival, where he worked with ephemeral works and the theme of recycling. A significant work is the artistic intervention in the facade of the Hotel Kyjev on Kamenné Square, where the visual play with the rigid monumental facade significantly changed the visual appearance of Stone Square. The theme of immersion — immersing the audience in a previously unknown visual, spatial, or otherwise experiential plane is the backbone of his work.

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