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New Acquisitions of the National Gallery

The common theme of this selection is “women’s voices”, i.e. works by women authors who critically, sarcastically, or simply sincerely express views on various myths and clichés, and on traditional images and ideas about the division of gender roles in society and in the home

Painter Lucia Dovičáková uses the media of drawing and watercolour to explore the themes of pregnancy, motherhood, and the role of women in the home as traditional pillars of family and partnership.

Photographer Jana Hojstričová uses a series of staged photographs to show how the role of a woman – a mother – in the home changes if she resigns to her desires, wants, and needs.

Kundy Crew uses traditional embroidery and punchy slogans and adapted sayings in a loose artistic grouping to address the status and understanding of women’s needs in contemporary society and in the current political situation.

The Slovak National Gallery has been systematically building its collections since its foundation in 1948. Through its annual acquisitions, it is therefore possible to trace the development of (official and unofficial) Slovak art during the period of socialism, as well as from its collapse until the present day.

In one way, the collections reveal opportunities for a state institution to acquire works in an ad hoc manner on early and modern art markets and from private estates; in another way, they show the interest of contemporary artists in having their works placed in the supreme gallery institution of Slovakia.

Please note: Some of the artworks on display show sexual scenes, scenes with themes of nudity and vulgarity. The entry of minors is therefore at the personal discretion of parents or accompanying adults.