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Romans and Slovakia

The archaeological-historical exhibition treats of the specific position of today’s Slovakia, located in the vicinity of the Roman Empire and once a direct part of it in a small part.

The exhibition focuses on the period when ancient authors wrote about the area of what is today Slovakia and its territory got into the centre of important political events. It emphasizes the importance of Roman times in Slovakia, which as a space on the border was a remarkable battle of two different cultures – Roman and Germanic.

It divides into five parts. Its crucial concept is Danube as a border and a reference to life in the Roman province of Pannonia on the example of Bratislava in the Danube and the life of the “German neighbors” in the territory north of the Danube.

Through almost 250 items from domestic and foreign institutions, mass coin finds, as well as rare sets of items from the so-called Prince Tombs 5 and 6 from Zohor it points to the results of archaeological and historical research of the Roman period in Slovakia in recent decades.

The exhibition is the result of the author’s staff of the Museum of History of the Slovak National Museum, the Bratislava City Museum, the Institute of Archaeology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Museum of Danube in Komárno and the Municipal Monument Preservation Institute in Bratislava. It was created to commemorate the 2000th anniversary of the Kingdom of Vannius and the successful nomination of Slovak sites to the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the inscription of the Danube Limes – Western Segment.