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Scandi 2017!

The Film Europe Media Company organized the third annual exhibition of contemporary Scandinavian cinema. European film lovers can enjoy the latest movies from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Scandi takes placi in 3 cinemas –in Kino Film Europe, Kino Lumiére and Kino Mladosť.

Joik, blood,  tears… and laughter

In the previous decade, it still appeared that Nordic film was not strong enough to hold its own amidst the fierce competition at prominent international festivals. Yet the past five years have seen an abrupt change: the traditionally potent film industries of Denmark and Sweden have been joined by Norway, whose creators have recently brought to bear the combination of capital, political support and national sentiment. Over the past two years, accolades at prestigious festivals have also been garnered by filmmakers from Finland and Iceland .A variety of trends has been fruitfully embraced by Nordic cinema: the wholefamily pleasures – family movies and comedies (worthy of mention in this respect is the specific Danish black comedy); contemporary and historical drama with a marked social overreach; genre titles, including action, horor and thriller films; as well as the Nordic Noir crime fiction. Remarkable too is the art film and the deep-rooted tradition of movies for children and the young. All the mentioned types and styles can be found in the four sections of Scandi 2017, whose aim it is to celebrate the sheer diversity, universality and viability of the Nordic film industries.

Titles that have not yet been screened at Slovak cinemas are included in the Scandi Premieres section. You will be among the first in the world to see the extraordinary debut feature Sami Blood, featuring an excellent cast.

The third edition of the Nordic film festival includes a new section, Scandi Comedies. The fact that the French or the Italians are capable of making fine “light comedies” is generally known, yet that good comedies have  also been shot in Scandinavia may come as a pleasant surprise to Scandi visitors. The section thus completes the concept of a festival presenting a variety of genres.

This year, we have also included the Scandi Kids section, which gained great acclaim within the first edition.

 The Best of Scandi presents our selection of the most striking and most distinct Nordic films of the past few years, which have proved their forcibility at prominent global festivals and ranked among the most successful within the previous two editions of Scandi. They definitely deserve to be shown on the large screen again.

Welcome to Scandi 2017!



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