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A group of artists led by textile and clothing designer Michaela Bednárová, who creates under the brand Puojd, will present their work in the Starý Avion Gallery

In her collections, Michaela Bednárová deals with various current social topics, works with feelings of nostalgia and tries to portray authentic Slovakia. The ideology of her Puojd brand is the support of domestic industry, sustainability and the pursuit of zero waste.


The author adds to the latest project: “The /si:/ collection does not have a concept, it does not solve any theme, it is mainly a game with form and colors. Abstract motifs, experimental technologies, but also traditional printing on silk or viscose are displayed in the patterns.

The clothes were sewn in Slovakia, for the first time almost the entire collection was sewn by a professional workshop in a small limited edition. The clothes have the well-known “one size” cuts, which are varied only in details due to sustainability.

The exhibition also includes designer shoes that are the result of collaboration with shoe designers Šimon Galanský and Zuzana Serbáková. The jewelry was designed and realized by Silvia Sukopová.

The Starý Avion Gallery community space was established in April 2023 on Americky nám. 1 in Bratislava. It is located in a national cultural monument, in the Avion house, which was declared in a nationwide poll as the building of the century in the category of residential buildings.